The New Transmitter: The New Transmitter is one of the Nodes of Science bridging the global scientific community with the general public through science communication and outreach. Follow The New Transmitter to receive recent news for both the Nodes of Science project as well as contemporary news articles covering science and science communication topics.

Nodes of Science Facebook group: Closed group for project discussions and collaborations. Also our lounge for R&R.

Science Communication Outreach on Facebook: Science Communication Outreach is a platform for organising science communication efforts through social media. Our group serves as a helpline for communicators promoting critical thinking, skeptical inquiry, and scientific reasoning. Too often the noise of the Internet drowns out those working to engage the public on scientific issues. We therefore encourage members to share discussions from around the Internet needing more community support in explaining scientific knowledge and understanding. Our members, moreover, are welcome to exchange resources and advice on how to communicate science more effectively and strategically.

Fact in the Head group and Fact in the Head page: FitH is a community for evidence-based exploration into the facts in our heads. We cover a wide range of topics, but emphasise discussion of scientific issues as well as those subjects surrounded by confusion, misinformation, and misconception. We seek to make commonly accepted claims seem strange and counter-intuitive truths seem normal. Too often we accept claims as a fact, but we don’t analyse those claims thoroughly and critically. Not only that, but we frequently don’t even remember where we learned information, yet we trick ourselves into false confidence of our knowledge. For these reasons, discussion here should focus on high-quality facts, credible sources, and scientific literature. We should challenge other people’s claims, but also have the courage to challenge our own claims.

Canadian GMO Forum on Facebook: The Canadian GMO Forum is a platform for exchanging and discussing information on Canadian genetic-modification issues and related topics. Topics can range from society to environment to science and beyond. This forum will also serve to share current events, political actions, and educational talks.

SkePic: Help communicate science and scientific skepticism through the visual medium. Share your skepticism and science memes, art, pics, and even video. Do you need help debunking a meme? We might be able to help you with that. Perhaps we can create an antidote and counter-meme.We encourage you to discuss effective communication strategies of visual media. For example, which types of memes are persuasive, and which are counter-productive? How can we produce media that will reach unreceptive audiences rather than simply add to an echo chamber?

Science Communication on reddit: Our subreddit is here for anyone interested in a mutual exchange of discussion and knowledge. We encourage our members to share any thoughts or information that might help others think more deeply about science communication. While academic discussions on the science of science communication raises the quality of discussion, we also invite all audiences to participate and ask questions. Our members should help keep this subreddit an evidence-based community, but remember that we all have something to learn and we all have something to teach.

Nodes of Science on Reddit: Subreddit hub for Nodes of Science.

GMO Science Forum: Evidence and science-based discussion on issues surrounding GMOs.

Canadian GMO Forum: GMO discussions in a Canadian context.

GMO FicterFact: Discussions, news, and thoughts on GMO issues.

Pesticide FicterFact: Evidence-based discussions on everything to do with pesticides.

Skepti-Forum Network: Founded by Nodesci’s Knigel Holmes, and now an autonomous, community-organised project, Skepti-Forum provides several communities across social media where people can engage in discussions of public science issues. The mission of the Skepti-Forum project is to offer a variety of forums for rational, respectful, and evidence-based exploration of important current issues related to science and technology, especially for those subjects surrounded by confusion, misinformation, and misconception. The Skepti-Forums promote the tools of skeptical inquiry and scientific reasoning to nurture an open atmosphere for exchanging ideas, sharing disagreement, and asking questions. The community believes that both experts and non-experts can contribute tools, resources, and ideas for thinking about science and scientific claims.

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