Want to Contribute?

Want to Contribute?

Would you like to Contribute to Nodes of Science? Here’s how!

Written by Knigel Holmes
Photo credit: AppleDave | CC

Nodes of Science thrives on the idea of sharing a diversity of voices. One of our most important goals is to become a platform upon which people can gain confidence to share their perspectives. To us, that means creating spaces where scientists and other experts can share their knowledge in an open atmosphere, but it also means working with people to help them find their own voices. Academic expertise is valuable to us, but so are the experiences of people just starting to become involved in public science issues.

We want everyone to have a chance to share their experiences, so we offer a variety of options to get everyone involved. That might involve a moderated space which will allow a scientist to speak and answer questions in an orderly and calm environment or it could be editing someone’s written work and helping them support claims with evidence. There are many other things we can do to help, so just talk to us and we can see if we can work something out.

If you would like to contribute and you’ve read through the criteria below, please send us an email to admin@nodesci.net

  • What kind of work can you send in? Anything! While we tend to focus on writing, we would also appreciate videos, art, music…and pie! If you have a way to communicate science, we would love to share it.
  • Before sending anything, please send a short proposal or what you have so far on the piece to discuss if the work is ready for our website. We can help work out the idea if it is not yet complete. We want to share many voices, but we also want to present high quality work for our readers. If you talk to us, we can help you get to where you need to go, even if you are a novice writer trying to find your voice.
  • A short proposal or finished copy to see if A finished copy of the work. You should provide something that can be copy & pasted. We’ll worry about the formatting.
  • References and citations. IMPORTANT! We emphasize evidence to support any claims of fact. Your piece will be much more solid if you back up what you say. References also offer and opportunity for readers to learn more. One of our top goals is to teach people the importance of supporting claims with evidence, so you help us do that by setting the example.
  • Your biography. Let us know a bit about yourself and your previous work. You may also provide contact details such as your email address and website. If you have other projects, feel free to let us know. Remember! We want to promote your science communication and science projects. Don’t be shy.
  • Any links that you would like added with directions on where you would like them.
  • A short summary or blurb of your work. We only need a few sentences or a short paragraph serving as an introduction.
  • A quote or two from your work. If you provide a snippet of a few quotes you like, these can get people interested in your piece.
  • One or more images (optional). These need to be yours or in the public domain. We cannot use copyrighted work unless you own the copyright.