Science Communicator's Writing Toolbox

Science Communicator’s Writing Toolbox

A Versatile Toolkit for Writing about Science

Written by Knigel Holmes
Photo credit: Ben Ostrowsky | CC

Communicating science is much more than feeding people facts. Science communicators need a diverse toolbox containing instruments for a variety of audiences. From meticulous and clearly explained technical writing to thought-provoking speculative fiction, skilled communicators use a wide range of devices to translate complex ideas into the right language for the specific audience. Contrary to some notions, there is nothing dishonest about sharing science through a good story or hyperbolic metaphor. If we want to write honestly and maintain scientific integrity even when taking a stroll into the land of fiction, we need to persistently improve our writing skills. When we don’t know how to say what we want to say, we end up taking shortcuts that either distort or confuse the truth we wish to communicate.

Given that science communicators need to balance both the science and the communication, our website shares several resources and tools that will help build communication skills and assist day-to-day writing projects.


  • Slick Write is a free tool that checks your writing for potential stylistic mistakes and other features of interest. Whether you’re a blogger, novelist, or student writing an essay for school, Slick Write can help take your writing to the next level.
  • Hemingway is similar to Slick Write and highlights various writing patterns that might have better alternatives. Very useful in reducing long, complex sentences.


  • TV Tropes is a catalogue of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction.
  • Absolute Write is a comprehensive informational Website for writers of all levels. Absolute Write offers articles and information about fiction, nonfiction, screenwriting, freelancing, and copy-writing. In addition, we provide information about editing, publishing, agents, and market research. You’ll find links to classes, software, and a large and active online community of writers and publishing professionals.

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