Pieces of Pi Shared | Science Narratives | Sharing Science Through Our Own Stories

Pieces of Pi Shared | Science Narratives | Sharing Science Through Our Own Stories

Let Us See Science through Your Eyes!

Written by Knigel Holmes
Photo credit: Bill Ward | CC
Photo credit: Wikipedia | CC


Please email us a story of your experience with science or adventures in science communication~ You can read our previous narratives to see the stories others have told. If you would like some help with your ideas, you can ask on our Workshop forum.

Each of us has had our own experience with science and those experiences add up to a richer collective understanding. When I asked for people’s stories in my previous 500 word projects, near no one, if anyone, stuck to that 500 word limit. Once people began writing, they had trouble stopping. Therefore, with that in mind, Nodes of Science is now asking for your perspectives in π words. We want you all to say what you need to say in how many words you need.

We also know that the first 3.14 words are the hardest to write, so we want to spark your drive and challenge your self-doubt.

Your stories, in turn, will help other people become more motivated and more confident. Above all, your stories will get people more comfortable getting involved. Walking our own paths, we often forget how we got to where we are now, but with some reflection, you can drop some pi crumbs to make navigating these complex issues easier for those following behind. What inspired you? What kicked you into action? Even now, what are some of your reservations and struggles?

We want to keep the topic as broad as possible to allow you all to share whatever you feel is most important; however, here are a few questions which may spark your thoughts:

      • How have your strategies changed over the years?
      • What are the main obstacles you face on the issues you find most important?
      • How do you handle people who are shut off from listening?
      • What made you passionate about science? Did you have an episode that changed you?
      • In your experience, which strategies work best and which haven’t worked so well or have been counter-productive
      • Which was one of your most challenging experiences and what did you do to overcome it?
      • What did you learn from one of your biggest mistakes?
      • Who are some of your biggest influences and which literature made a significant impact on your style?
      • What are you currently trying to work on?
      • Do you have any pet peeves about how others communicate science?
      • Have you ever changed someone who you never expected to change? How did you do it?
      • Are you optimistic or pessimistic about communicating science in the public? Why?
      • If you could convince all science communicators one thing, what would it be?
      • Which issues are most important to you e.g., GMOs, vaccines, climate change, and how does that issue need a unique approach?
      • What can we do about those individuals and organisations which misinform the public?

When you’re ready to send us your story check out our contributor information and crieria page for detailed instructions and then email us: admin@nodesci.net!