Callout for Your Stories! In 500 Words, What is Your Stance on GMOs in Society?

Callout for Your Stories! In 500 Words, What is Your Stance on GMOs in Society?

Help us tell your story.

Send us 500 words on your current perspective on GMOs in society. We want to show readers the diversity of opinions we have on our forums and in our many discussions. These stories may be useful to those who are interested in learning more about these issues.

Many of us have likely met someone who assumed that because we had a particular stance on one aspect of GMOs, we could not take a different stance in another area. For example, some people do not understand how someone can advocate GMOs, but also be a critic of corporations. On the other hand, some people feel there is no contradiction in being a GMO critic and a science lover. Our project wants to show the richness and depth of the public discussion.

What we would like to do with this project is provide a sample of the various perspectives thoughtful people have on topics relating to GMOs in society. We’ve left the question purposely vague so that writers may speak about whatever they feel to be most important. Some topics that writers might wish to speak on:

  • What is most important to you
  • Both the positives and negatives you see
  • Your hopes and fears
  • How your view on GMOs has evolved or changed
  • Your personal history in relation to GMOs
  • How people have reacted to your opinions
  • What you would like people to understand
  • What you would like to see in the future

You can send your 500 words to us by email: You can also feel free to ask for other members to help edit and spell check. What should you send me?

  • Completed 500 word story
  • Your name (You can use an alias if you wish)
  • Story title
  • (Optional) Your website
  • (Optional) A short bio
  • (Optional) Your occupation
  • (Optional) Chocolate chip cookies

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for taking the time to consider this proposal, and we look forward to reading your stories!

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