Nodes of Science Genetics and GMO Digest April 28 2016

Few people have the time to keep up with the many science and skepticism communities, so here is a curated digest of Nodes of Science, Skepti-Forum, and friends. From this, you all can have a sampled taste of what these communities cook for their audience. If you appreciate the content below, follow the link to the discussion to share some of your thoughts. You’re also invited to join us on Skepti-Forum for further dialogue or to ask any questions.

Nodes of Science News Digest April 28 2016

Here are some worthwhile articles shared in our Nodes of Science, Skepti-Forum, and related communities. Check out the articles then jump into the threads to share your thoughts. Likely, if you like the content, you will find more in the shared community.

Nodes of Science & Skepti-Forum Newsletter April 2016

Nodes of Science and Skepti-Forum have undergone many changes in the last while. Many of those changes are likely to cause some confusion, so an announcement of some of those changes is due.

If you want to skip reading, these are the three main points:
1. The Skepti-Forum blog is now on our Nodes of Science website. Near all old blog posts have been migrated and have redirects.
2. Our Skepti-Forum domains will soon redirect to our new Skepti-Forum message board at
3. Skepti-Wiki is changing software and being redone on our Nodes of Science wiki.