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Nodes of Science Project Directory – Nodes of Science
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Nodes of Science Project Directory

Welcome to our Nodes of Science Directory. Since our project applies the concept of networked nodes across social media, you can use some information below as a basic road map. Our philosophy is that there is no one way to participate in public science issues. Different audiences have different needs and different issues need different approaches. For these reasons, we work to encourage a diversity of projects both under the Nodes of Science umbrella as well as in a supportive role for parallel projects. Our goal is to engage the public in mutual discourse while promoting critical thinking, skeptical inquiry, and scientific reasoning.

Official Website & Email
  • Nodes of Science Facebook Page: Our main news sharing and project update on Facebook. We use our page here to share information between different communities.
  • Science & Skepticism Collaboration: Our collaborative community serves not only as a community workbench for turning ideas into projects, but also a support centre. Social media administrators, moderators, mediators, and community builders may gather to trade strategies and seek assistance.
  • Science Communication Outreach: Open group for everything science communication. Our community welcomes collaboration, coordination, and advocacy. We strongly encourage science of science communication discussions.
  • Brains Thinking About Brains: Science and evidence-based community applying skeptical inquiry to issues surrounding the mind, behaviour, and the brain.
  • Psychological Science Forum: Science-based discussion of psychological topics with a focus on evaluating and discussing research.
  • The Skeptical Science Hub: The goal is respectful, evidence-based discussions aimed at educating on the topics of science and technology based issues, skepticism, the principle of charity, and “Polya’s moral qualities of a scientist.”
  • Dedicated Threads: Our more tightly moderated group where all threads are dedicated threads. Discussions here are more focused, analytical, and thorough.
  • Scientechnology: Reasoned discussion of any and all issues surrounding science and technology. We invite thorough and nuanced discourse of philosophy, ethics, and history in relacion to science and technology.
  • GMO Science Forum: A public forum for exchanging thoughts and information on issues surrounding GMOs and biotechnology. The community welcomes news, research, and reasoned debate.
  • Canadian GMO Forum: GMO discussions in a Canadian context.
  • SkePic: Science communication through images, memes, and infographics.
  • Fact in the Head Page & Fact in the Head Group: For practising evidence-based discussion, exploring psychology, and discussing quirky news.
  • Pesticides, Chemicals, & Toxic-Free Discussion: A mutual and rational discussion on everything to do with pesticides and chemicals. Our group focuses on reason-based, rather than fear-based, discussions.
  • Chemophobia: An antidote to irrational fear of chemicals.
  • Sex, Drugs, & Science: An evidence-based exploration into the science of sex, drugs, and rock & roll (and other music).
  • Free Writing: A workshop for any and all writing, from fiction to non-fiction. Practice your writing skills, share your work, and help others.
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